Welcome on Myanko.com. I made this website, to centralize all the things I am working on and that I want to share. You will be able to find my personal work and many things that I want to give back to the community. Because I do think that a world with more creators is a better world.

  • Node Finder for Unity Visual Scripting
    After some time working on our game project 100% made with visual scripting in Unity, we came to a sad state of impossibility to continue to work with the tool as we got to many nodes and no ways to quickly find those. What happen when you fall on such issues, you give up or… Read more: Node Finder for Unity Visual Scripting
  • New Unity Visual Scripting Project
    I made a new visual scripting project based on the unity 3D-Beginner complete project. The project is available to help users to get started by looking at the scripts within the project. You can download the project from: Unity Asset Store: Not approved as not pertinent. GitHub repository: https://github.com/myanko/3D-Beginner-VisualScripting Direct download: 3D-Beginner-VisualScripting.zip The project is… Read more: New Unity Visual Scripting Project